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Size: 1lbs
Color: Fawn, dark gray, medium gray, brown, black,

Suri Alpaca! different colors!

Raw, washed or rovings!

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Product Specs

  • Either:
  • Raw
  • Washed
  • Free if VM
  • Rovings
  • Batts - let me know which one you would like.... Price varies depending how much time I put in it. Unwashed and uncleaned fiber starts at 28.00 for a pound!

Product Description

This is 100% Suri Alpaca fleece in all possible shades and colors.
You can have it cleaned, washed, with or without VM, Rovings (ready to spin).
The washed fiber is ready to card.
Suri Alpaca fleece is shiny, soft, beautiful, the rarest of Alpaca Fleece.
It is hypoallergenic because it doesn't contain Lanolin.
You can spin it, felt it, knit or crochet with it.
It makes beautiful luxurious items.